A lot of couples reach a time in their relationship when they wonder where they’re heading and which direction to take. Even though everyone around them may seem happy, none of us knows what really happens between two people behind closed doors.

It may be that you and your partner are at one of those stages and this can happen whether you’ve been together five years or fifty years – things may well have been good for a long time but when several stressors occur at the same time, things can become very hard-going.

If you feel that you’ve always had a ‘connection’ and now it seems as if you’ve lost it, this can be very distressing. Does it mean that things can’t be good again? Maybe there’s been a bereavement in your family – people deal with this in different ways and your way may not be the same as your partner’s. Ill health, money troubles and affairs all have a big impact on couples and although they often work through those difficulties, seeing a relationship counsellor can often help.

For a fresh perspective on your relationship, please get in touch. I offer an assessment session in the first instance and after that, both people need to feel confident about the process before going ahead with follow-up session. This can be discussed at the time of the first session.
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